Meet our talents and their tools.

Even more than our nature and history, we treasure our hardworking and multi-talented artists, costume designers, prop masters, and stuntmen. We also ensure a large choice of equipment, provided by the three biggest rentals in Lithuania.


Lithuania is rich with its diverse talent and great international casting agencies to spot it.
You are welcome to start looking for your stars in ZEST’s very own casting base.

Costumes and MUA

Most of our costume designers and make-up artists are professionally trained in Lithuania and abroad. They continually update their magic skills working with the biggest film and commercial projects. Each make-up artist specialises in a specific technique, covering the arts of prosthetics, special effects and mask making. Also, there’s a costume designer for any style, so be sure we will put together a team of professionals best suitable for your specific project.

Art Department

Meet our hard-working and hard-core talented set designers and prop masters, who can take any challenge making commercials, TV, local or foreign films. Thrilling war fields, mansions of ancient Egypt, otherworldly spaceships – these guys will take your project to wherever it needs to go. The set builders work fast and thorough, so be sure they won't miss a thing and will do their best to take your vision to the next level.


We partner with three biggest light, grip and camera rentals in the region. So if you need something like a blue moon over a forest, a subtle jewellery lighting for details and a most suitable camera to capture it, our partners will handle your request in their most caring and professional approach.

Stunts & SFX

Flipping some cars, jumping out of the burning buildings and, of course, exploding things is daily life for our world famous stunts-men and extremely talented SFX specialists. With many years of experience, working in Hollywood and all around the world, these guys will bring out all the cinematic magic needed for your project.