More about Zest

We offer professional production services in Lithuania and abroad, working shoulder to shoulder with the most prominent network agencies and well known international brands.

We are blessed to be representing the most talented teams, location managers and rental houses in the region.

We are here to provide the best production services for your projects.

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Lithuania is rich with diverse nature and architecture.

  • Four seasons of weather
  • Stunning nature sceneries filled with thick forests, lakes, dunes and untouched seashores.
  • Four unique-spirited old towns.
  • Churches from wooden middle-ages to modern days.
  • Castles, mansions, villas.

Crew, rentals & tech

Best professionals in art, light and camera departments.

  • Skilled art teams, creating middle-age fight scenes to spaceships of the future.
  • Costume and make-up talents capable of producing work out of this world.
  • Three rental houses, covering any lighting, camera and grip needs. Need a high-speed motion control robot or car rigging equipment? No problem.


We own a unique online casting data base for any needs.

  • Numerous professional actors, experienced in biggest international projects.
  • Prominent regional casting agencies.
  • A variety of races and nationalities.


Mind-blowing SFX experts and world famous stuntmen.

  • Our mad geniuses behind SFX can do anything, including fogging the whole forest, burning some roofs and, of course, exploding things.
  • Fearless stuntmen, who can elegantly fall of the horse as well as jump from the building top or crash with a car.

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